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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Rich Fraser
From: Bucks County PA
Website: http://www.wycombevineyards.com
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Greets to Class of ’68:

I believe I have attended most if not all of the reunions in the past. I would have paid much more just to experience once again the morphing firsthand. Comedy (or tragedy) at it’s best at a bargain price. It is so true that time is the great equalizer, and common bonds become more meaningful as we become “wiser”. At least that is what I advise my kids, to no avail.

It appears however, that even though we reside minutes away from the venue, we will not be able to attend this “dance”. On that weekend we have our annual red wine open harvest celebration at the winery/vineyard. I was half wanting the cabernets to wait till later so that we could attend, but it appears the dry, sunny days of September will ripen the vintage about the 2nd weekend in October. Sooo, on the shameless self promotion side, if anyone from out of town, or local, is looking for something to do to kill time on that Saturday afternoon before the reunion, or Sunday afternoon after, please stop by the winery. Tastings are always free and if you can snag me, I’ll have a 10% discount for fellow grads. Directions can be found at www.wycombevineyards.com.

I’ll be the one with the ponytail, a gift from my grandmother. Since Mr. Lessa is no longer assigning detentions for hair touching the collar, I let it go. I believe I was one of the few that got the “40 days” but not quite the full “40 nights” of detention just for dress code violations. As you may recall that dress code was scrapped in 1969, since then everything in America went downhill J.

Warm regards to all,

Rich & Deb Fraser
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Karen Kremer Dick
From: Bluffton, SC
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Hi Nancy Reilly! Every time Marilyn Trice and I talk, I ask about you. You know Marilyn and I have been friends since Kindergarten! Want to let you know that Terry Lombardi says hello. Lives in Fl. now. I can't make it to the reunion, but would love to have seen you again.
Have a drink for me with Marilyn.
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Name: Nancy Reilly
From: Hatfield PA
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Marilyn Trice (also class of 1968) we've been friends since 9th
grade--and myself plan on attending the reunion --We have already talked about how much fun we had in Biology class- --cutting up worms & frog legs--& constantly laughing in
Business class with Ms Konkle.

We are looking for a fellow classmate - Susan Myers. We know
she lived on Brentwood Ave in Abington in 1968 & married to Wayne (?) but have lost contact --anyone have any info?
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Name: Russ Kratzer
From: Harrisburg, PA
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Will try my best to attend our 40th reunion - Thanks to all who have worked to get it together - If I can't make it, please say "HI" to Bill and Karen Kranzer for me -

Still remember our last Cheltenham game - the band parading in the "Mississippi Mud" on the track and bellowing out "Ghosts Go Marching In" -

Anybody know what's happened to Jim Krombach?

The only ting that will keep me from coming is chasing hurricanes - I'm with Emergency Management for Pennsylvania -

Admin reply: He has a listing in the directory - only a postal address, no email. You can download it at the private directory page. Email me if you forgot the access codes.
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Kevin Corcoran
From: Philadelphia, PA
Website: http://www.eyefinity.com/KevinLCorcoranOD
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We have all received a couple of emails recently from Ed Mullen, on behalf of the Reunion Committee, indicating that the response for the 40th reunion on October 11, 2008 was somewhat under whelming. The last time I looked it appeared that 39 classmates had sent in their reservation.

I have been to all of the reunions: 10th, 21st, 34th and will be here for the 40th. There are undoubtedly a lot of reasons why some will not come. Of course, there are those who are no longer with us and we do not know about them yet. We are all busy people, no doubt, and it is much easier for someone like me, who still rides past Overlook School everyday going to the office, to attend rather than those in Michigan, Texas and the like. So, there is travel and a busy schedule. And, of course, some have never attended because high school was “not a very happy time.” There is a support group for that. It’s called EVERYBODY. I wasn’t as happy as you might think. I had acne, some emotional conflicts, the torment of three older brothers, and the loss of my best friend in a violent motor vehicle accident.

I have loved each of the reunions. It has been great to see each other at all the different stages of life, to catch up, renew acquaintances that have become good friends. Bill Lucas and I knew each other only in a general sense but because of seeing him at reunions he has become one of my dearest friends. Good times in high school have led to better times in life with good people: Nancy Corrigan, Rob (George) Lockart, Ron Rhoades. I look forward to a lot more as time goes on.

One of the things I loved about school was dancing. In 6th grade we had dances at each other’s houses. Rich Spencer and I went to Lehman’s Dance Studio together and the Overlook kids went to the dances at the Roychester Park house. At Huntingdon Junior we had dances once a month run by Mr. Garvin and I danced all night with out stopping with whomever would dance: Donna Campton, Dori Brower and others. When we went to North Campus we had similar Friday nights run by Mr. Garvin again. I don’t remember anything like that at South Campus except dancing out of the way of getting caught doing something we should not have. But there was great dancing at Hullabaloo in Conshohocken with Dede Tolin and great dancing in Bermuda with Nancy Roberts and Mariann Quinn. At each of the reunions, after catching up with each other, it was a great part of the night, dancing was.

This reunion is different. This is the 40th. Those older and wiser than us have told me that this is the last reunion where we will get together and have fun, in some ways as “the way we were” and when life is still good and that the 50th and 60th reunions will be sparsely attended and will be a fringe benefit of life. I asked for some actuarial comments on that and was told that of the 550 +/- classmates we have information on, at the time of the 50th reunion about 55 will have passed away, another 55 will be too ill or infirm to travel or otherwise attend and another 55 will have spouses, significant others or family that will be too ill or infirm that the classmate could not attend.

Now, like you, I tend to believe none of this. I am healthy as far as I know and have plans to stay that way. There is no contract in life; it does not come with a guarantee. My mother died when she was 58, one brother at 55 and one at 64. So, I don’t know what life beyond the 40th reunion holds for me.

This could be the last dance. Just in case it is, come dance with me. I will be there and if there is any more way I can convince you that I want you there as well, I will try. But know that I do want you there. Contact Ed Mullen at ed@edmullen.net or contact me at kevinlcorcoranod@gmail.com and we will make sure you have the information you need.


Kevin Corcoran
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Peggy Heidelberger-Smith
From: Lake Tahoe, Ca.
I am coming with a group of grads from here and there. I am excited to see all of you again! Come visit Lake Tahoe!
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Cathy Zaengle O'Neill
From: Abington
E-mail: Contact
I am very much looking forward to a fun filled evening. Last one was also a blast!
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Name: Ed Mullen
From: Alpharetta, GA
Website: http://edmullen.net
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We now have a countdown to the reunion online.



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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Ed Mullen
From: Alpharetta, GA
Website: http://edmullen.net
E-mail: Contact
Giving the overwhelming response ( ) I think it's safe to declare that the dress option is number 2.

I have updated the main reunion page accordingly:


Can't wait to see everyone!
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Nancy Corrigan
E-mail: Contact
anyone for shorts, tshirts and flip flops? ha ha...i guess #2
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