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References on the site to the Mozilla Suite can generally be read to mean the SeaMonkey Suite as well. To a lesser extent the information here can also be applied to Firefox and Thunderbird. Most tips for the Suite products will also apply to Netscape 7.x, although that app (like the Mozilla Suite) is no longer being developed. As of January 2006 my default application is SeaMonkey.

R E A D   T H I S   F I R S T ! ! !

The following are the two most important things I have to tell you. If you don't read another thing on this web site, read these two statements:

1. Do NOT share a profile between any two Mozilla-based applications - never - ever!!!

It's perfectly ok to run Mozilla, Firefox, Netscape, and Thunderbird on the same system. You can even run them at the same time. Just make sure you use a separate profile for each program. (Yes, I know, there are certain conditions under which you can share a profile. But even if you know what you're doing, do so at your own risk.)

2. Backup your profile on a regular basis.

Trust me, things will go wrong, I guarantee it. And you'll be incredibly ticked off if you lose your bookmarks file or emails that you've been collecting for the last 5 years and can't get them back.

See Profiles - for info on backing up your settings and data, as well as links for how to move your profile to a new machine.

Ok. - The dire warnings are over ... This page is the entry point to my collection of tips, tricks, links, etc. for SeaMonkey, Mozilla and Mozilla-based products such as Netscape 7.x, Firefox, and Thunderbird.

First, notice the menu buttons at the top of this page. This is the easiest way to get around. The menus, if you're using a Mozilla-based browser (or the latest version of Opera), will stay right there as you navigate the site. As you scroll a page the information will slide underneath the menu. If you're using IE (versions lower than 7) the menu will scroll off the page as you scroll down. Sorry about that but Moz has more advanced CSS compliance than IE does.

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Always read the documentation accompanying every item before you apply it to your software. And remember ...


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