The Dining Room

Cooking (not to mention eating and drinking) ...

It's one of the more relaxing respites from the demands of work. We're especially fond of Cajun, Creole, Southwestern and Chinese (Hunan and Szechwan) cuisines. I have often remarked that if I moved to New Orleans I'd probably put on another 25 pounds in no time flat! I do love my Cajun! Having worked for both Japanese and Korean companies over ten years, I also have had my share of Sushi, Sashimi and many other "unusual" foodstuffs. And, since Mom's maiden name is DiMarcAntonio, a penchant for pasta is not surprising.

To eat, to watch, perchance to dream ...

With so much unwatchable fare on television (even with 50 channels!) we find ourselves flipping on the TV Food Network a lot. Among our favorites are Emeril Lagasse, "Too Hot Tamales" (two women partners who own restaurants in southern California), and "Molto Mario." "Dining Around" is also a fun show. The TVFN web site is one of the best. The recipes are posted and I've downloaded lots of them. It is a good idea to cross-check the ingredients between the show and the recipe. I was making Emeril Lagasse's Oyster Stew and the recipe from the web had the quantity of milk at 2 cups. Given the rest of the ingredients, Sharman and I decided that it had to be 4 cups. It's a good thing we did because with 2 cups we'd have had something resembling joint compound instead of soup!

If your cable company doesn't have TVFN - yell at 'em (or go to McDonald's).

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