"All about Ed & Sharman"

Acutally, we won't put you to sleep with "all" about us. We really don't think we're that interesting. But, people stumbling in here might justifiably want to know, "Who the heck are these people?" And, "Why did they do a Web site?"

The Frog Prince

First, the first-person "I" you'll see here is Ed. I get to be the "webmaster" by default. Hey! Sharman only works for a computer company! Besides, she's innocent of anything you read here until further notice. Or, at least until she decides to defend herself!

I get to be the Frog Prince in this story since I'm half Irish and, well, frog's are green. (I never said this was gonna make sense.)

So, how does such foolishness as this come about? Well, I'm searching for a new job, having suffered the slings and arrows of corporate "restructuring." So, I have time on my hands, a computer, some programming experience, and I've done all the drywall, tile and caulking projects I can stand for awhile. (I'm having a lot of trouble contemplating the "painting" that is the logical follow-on to all of the previous. But, geez, the house is looking great!) Besides, learning about HTML is sooooo gratifying. Much better than a root canal.

The Princess

The aforementioned (and ever-so-lovely) Sharman, is a Client Solution Executive with IBM Global Services. If she's ever home from "the road" long enough, I hope to get her to actually write something for the site. Otherwise, I get to make up stuff about her. HEY! She ain't here to complain, right?

The first thing I get to mention is that she has a B.A. (from McGill University in Montreal) and an M.A. in English Literature (from Penn State, where, as she is want to rue the day, she met me). If committed to absolute honesty (or, perhaps, simply committed), neither of us could make a simple story of how an English lit major comes to be a highly-respected veteran of Big Blue. It's too long a story. Maybe later.

For about the last 25 years, I've spent my money-making time as a marketing specialist and executive in the broadcast, electronics and multimedia industries. I've spent a lot of that time introducing new technologies and products that, as I like to say, are on "the bleeding edge." It's one of the more risky endeavors, but, no pain, no gain.

I still find some time to play 12-string and 6-string acoustic guitars and sing for friends, family and my own enjoyment. I can't really say how much the friends and family enjoy it! The Conservatory is the place to find out what we like and tell us about your favorites.

Sharman and I also like cooking. It's one of the more relaxing respites from the demands of work. We're especially fond of Cajun, Creole, Southwestern and Chinese (Hunan and Szechwan) cuisines. I have often remarked that if I moved to New Orleans I'd probably put on another 25 pounds in about 3 months. I do love my Cajun! With so much unwatchable fare on television (even with 50 channels!) we find ourselves flipping on the TV Food Network a lot. Among our favorites are Emeril Lagasse, "Too Hot Tamales" (two women partners who own restaurants in southern California), and "Molto Mario." "Dining Around" is also a fun show.

We both read a great deal with a range of fictional interests from horror, suspense, detective, mystery, spy and psychological thrillers. Our tastes coincide at most points, but I pass on the romantic novels. I also spend time with various business and industry publications.

I have very few "absolutely must watch" shows. In fact, I could live without everything except for NYPD Blue. Its quality matches or exceeds Hill Street Blues and St. Elsewhere which are two of my all time "Geez, why did they have to take them off the air?!!!" shows. I also try to watch Law & Order, ER, and Chicago Hope if I'm not pounding the PC keyboard, reading or singing.

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