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Jan Armon and son Ben jan armon 1968 jan armon and son ben
Sharon Bower Fleschute sharon bower 1968 sharon bower fleschute
Gerry Chernicoff gerry chernicoff 1968 gerry chernicoff adult
Kevin Corcoran kevin corcoran 1968
Judy Earnest judy earnest 1968
Sharon Entine sharon entine 1968 sharon entine 2009
Marty Erb marty erb 1968
Robert M. Hersch Bob Hersch 1968 bob hersch adult
Carl Hild carl hild 1968 carl hild adult

Jane Hileman

jane hileman 1968 jane hileman adult
Carol Hoffman Sukoneck carol hoffman 1968 carol hoffman today
Bob Kremer bob kremer 1968 bob kremer adult
Bonnie MacAdams Bonnie MacAdams Bonnie MacAdams Mele
Ed Mullen ed mullen 1968 ed mullen adult
Ted Schaft Ted Schaft 1968 Ted & Patricia Schaft 2008 Ted & Patricia Schaft 2008
Karen Schott Wrigley karen schott adult
Howard Snyder howard snyder 1968 howard snyder adult
Rick Teitell rick teitell 1968

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