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Peggy's Pics added June 2, 2015

Some pics from Peggy Heidelberger Smith from a 2014 gathering in Lake Tahoe and Yosemite. And she's on her way June 17th, 2015 to Philadelphia to meet up with Linda Weber and then to Ocean City for 10 days with Peggy LaRoche, Lois Gretzinger, and Carol Steinmetz.

You can click the images to see the original (larger) photos. They are fairly large files.

Pic 007: In Yosemite, Peggy H's daughter Theresa, Peggy Heidelberger, Linda Weber, Lois Gretzinger, Peggy LaRoche

pic 007

Pic 472: Linda, Carol Steinmetz, Peggy H., Peggy L.

pic 472

pic 155

pic 233

pic img003

pic 473

Marilyn Trice Jaggers and Nancy Reilly Kelly - added June 15, 2015

pic Marilyn and Nancy

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