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"They got away from us."

The following is a list of those classmates who are no longer with us. The information comes from the Abington High School Alumni Association official class database as well as reports from classmates. If you have information, corrections or inquiries - Email Ed.

Thanks to all of you who have sent me updates about our classmates.

CLASSMATE info & source
1 - Paul Abbott paul abbott Deceased
February 16, 2015 (see obit below)
2 - Elizabeth Allen elizabeth allen Deceased
(reported 06/2001)
3 - Stephen C. Benner Steve Benner Deceased 12/27/2005, of a heart attack at his residence in Doylestown. Steve was born January 13, 1951.
Reported by Jill Stange and appeared in Philadelphia Inquirer (see obit below)
4 - Frank T. Betz
frank betz
Deceased 8/13/2007 (see obit below)
Reported by Elyse Ozer Fels on 9/16/07
5 - Kay Blumenthal kay blumenthal Deceased 10/5/2009
Reported by Hank Meyers (see obit below)
6 - Kay Brabitz
kay brabitz
Deceased 4/26/2001 (see obit below)
7 - Robert A. Bruno bob bruno Deceased
(reported 7/2001)
8 - Timothy Bumgarner
(no photo available)
(reported June 2002)
9 - Clyde Burnett clyde burnett Deceased 2010
(reported April 2018)
10 - William (Chip) Carter chip carter Deceased
(reported 6/2001, reportedly from leukemia)
11 - Hans Christoph
(no photo available)
Deceased January 2010 as reported by his son in September 2012 to Kevin Corcoran
Harry L. "Bucky" Clark, Jr. Deceased September 29, 2015 (see obit below)
12 - David Clausen dave clausen Deceased
(AHSAA 5/1989)
13 - Thomas Coley tom coley Deceased (AHSAA 12/1976) (see obit below)
14 - Terry M. Duncan terry duncan Deceased (May 7, 2015) ( see obit link below)
Reported by Mike Case March 12, 2018
15 - Patricia Dilworth Ennis pat dilworth Deceased (June 24, 2013) (see obit below)
Reported by Barbara Allen Eckenrode July 7, 2013
16 - Samuel A. Dougherty sam dougherty Deceased (1994)
Reported by his widow Elizabeth (Toni) Price Dougherty February 2015
17 - Gregory Herbert Doyle greg doyle Deceased August 5, 2005
Reported by Peg Kinnally August 22, 2005
Also appeared in Philadelphia area papers (see obit below)
18 - Pamela Duerr pam duerr Deceased July 22, 2015
Reported by her sister Debby Duerr LiVolsi October 5, 2015
19 - Susan Eberhardt O'Brien Susan Eberhardt Deceased December 9, 2017
Reported by Zoe Dale January 15, 2018
(see obit below)
20 - Robert James Ertell Bob Ertell Deceased August 8, 2014
Reported by Jim Rutledge August 18, 2014
(see obit below)
21 - Thomas Frantz
(no picture available)
(AHSAA 1973)
22 - Marc Frantz
marc frantz
April 26, 2011 (see obit below)
23 - Kathleen Gallagher kathleen gallagher Deceased August 2009
Reported by daughter Patty Thurman January 2010
24 - Steve Gerding Steve Gerding Deceased November 23, 1997
Reported by Kevin Corcoran October 2012
Allan A. Glatthorn Deceased September 5, 2007
(see obit below)
25 - Patti Goldstein
patti goldstein
June 14, 2014 (see obit below)
26 - Ellen Goodstein
ellen goodstein
September 4, 2013 (see obit below)
Reported by Art Finnel 05/23/2015
27 - Brenda Green brenda green Deceased
(1995 - reported by family September 2001)
28 - Susan Green Clair susan green Deceased April 29, 2002. See obit below.
(reported by Cathy Zaengle O'Neill December 2009)
29 - Jamie Sue Guensch
Jamie Sue Guensch
Deceased 2011
Reported by Peg Kinnaly in 2018
30 - Helen Harrer Morris
Helen Harrer
Deceased November 17, 2014
Reported by Kevin Corcoran and Don Pearce
Obit below from the Bucks County Courier Times
31 - Ronald C. Hartranft Ron Hartranft Deceased 1997 from cancer
Reported by his son Scott May 2007
32 - Scott S. Hawkins scott hawkins Deceased
From Jeannie Macrie Galick, June 16, 2009
33 - George Holliday (no picture available) Deceased
(AHSAA 06/1973)
34 - James D. Hutchinson James D. Hutchinson Deceased 12/15/1997
(reported by Kevin Corcoran November 2012)
Joseph "Doc" Jurich Deceased February 20, 2013
Reported by Jill Stange
(see obit below) or (download PDF)
35 - Walter Ketchum walt ketchum Deceased
(reported 7/2001)
36 - Howard L. Krevolin Howard Krevolin Deceased February 6, 2010, Baltimore, MD
Reported by Russ Kratzer, April 5, 2010
37 - Janet D. Leskawa Janet Leskawa Deceased June 5, 2004
Reported by Art Finnel and Kevin Corcoran October 2012
38 - Glenn W. Madison Glenn Madison Deceased January 27, 2005
reported January 29, 2005; Doug Krause and Bob Kremer. Confirmed in local papers (see below)
39 - Ellen Celia Maitin
No photo available
June 7, 2019 (see obit here)
40 - Barbara Major Jadczak Barbara Major Jadczak Deceased January 5, 2011
reported by Pat Wells Amey (see obit below)
41 - Mark Masters Deceased 2019
reported by Howard Rush
42 - Douglas Martin doug martin Deceased
(reported 7/2001)
43 - Wendy McClelland Wendy McClelland
Deceased July 29, 2002 (see below)
(previously reported in Reunion Newsletter 9/02)
44 - Kenneth M. McTeigue Kenneth M. McTeigue
Deceased 3/13/2011 (see obit below)
Reported by Kevin Corcoran November 2012
45 - Dottie Meng Gilly dottie meng gilly Deceased January 17, 2018
Reported by Debbie Damm on 1/20/18
(Obit See below)
46 - Richard Minehart richard minehart Deceased October 4, 2012
Reported by Don Pearce on 10/4/2012
(Obit See below)
47 - Stephen Morris steve morris Deceased
(AHSAA while in Navy)
48 - Linda Myers Gallagher Linda Myers
Deceased August 10, 2008
(reported 8/18/08 by Jill Stange)
(see obit below)
49 - Charles Nazarene Charles Nazarene
(reported 3/8/02)
50 - David Oliver
David Oliver
Deceased (AHSAA, no date given, Approximate DOD 1977)
Obituary received here December 2002 from Jill Stange (see obit below).

51 - Burrell Oughton Burrell Oughton
Deceased June 19, 2009
Obituary received here September 2012 from Stephen Tetor (see obit below).

52 - Ronald Pawell Ron Pawell
Deceased March 31, 2006
Obituary received from Jill Stange.
Published in Philadelphia area papers (see obit below).
53 - Gail Pinkerton Anderson Gail Pinkerton Deceased 3/15/02
(Reported 6/29/02)
54 - Kimbel J. Redmile Kimbel Redmile 11/26/2008
Reported 12/1/2012 by Donald O'Boyle via Web site contact
Online citation
55 - William E. Regimbal Bill Regimbal
Deceased 2/11/04
Reported 6/5/08 by Chris Beahm Hood
No obit available
56 - Ron Rhoads
Ron Rhoads
Deceased 01/08/09 (reportedly from lung cancer
Reported 01/21/09 by Nancy Corrigan
See obituary below
57 - Marshall S. Roberts Marshall Roberts
Deceased 6/01/07
Reported 9/13/07 by George Williams
See below
58 - Evelyn Rufino Evelyn Rufino
Deceased April 21, 2007
Reported by Linda Weisel Keys
Published in the Daytona Beach News-Journal (see below)
Norman Schmidt
Deceased April 8, 2018

59 - Sandra Serago Sandra Serago
Deceased September 5, 2012
Obituary received here September 2012 from Stephen Tetor (see below)

60 - Raymond Serogo Ray serogo Deceased
(AHSAA 1996)
61 - Leo W. Sharkey
(no picture available)
Deceased August 14, 2006
Reported June 6, 2008 by his wife Carolyn Sharkey
Obituary published online (see obit below)
62 - Richard J. Spencer richard spencer Deceased March 24, 1998
Confirmed by Kevin Corcoran
No Obituary found
63 - Dennis K. Stanislaw Dennis Stanislaw Deceased August 29, 2005
Reported by his Daughter Julie Stanislaw
Published in The Intelligencer newspaper (see obit below)
64 - Ramona Statkevicz Ramona Statkevicz Deceased May 2, 2006
Reported by friends and co-workers
65 - James H. Stover Jim Stover
Deceased August 18, 2013
Reported by Linda Weisel Spear
See obit below
66 - Walter S. Tibbs
(no picture available)
Reported by Sheila Oliver July 2016
67 - Donald G. Widdoes Don Widdoes Deceased December 12, 2004
Reported by Kevin Corcoran and Linda Weisel Keys
Also appeared in Philadelphia area papers (see obit below)
68 - Linda Weisel Spear Linda Weisel Spear Deceased January 23, 2019
Obituary link


obit paul abbott

From the Lebanon, PA Daily News

obit Steve Benner
obit Kay Blumenthal
obit Kay Brabitz

Timothy Bumgarner

Published 6/24/02 - The Montgomery County Record, Montgomery County, PA

Timothy Bumgarner of Horsham died Tuesday, June 18, 2002, at his home. He was 52.

Born Oct. 8, 1949 in Lock Haven, he was the son of the late Richard L. and Josephine (Young) Bumgarner.

Mr. Bumgarner was a graduate of Abington High School, Class of 1968. He was an automobile painter. He loved classic cars and music.

Survivors include his sister, Vicki L. (Richard) Greim of Chalfont; his nephew, Richard Greim III; his niece, Pamela Greim; his uncle, Harold Young of Howard, Pa.; and his aunt, Betty Waite of Beech Creek, Pa.

Visitation with the family will be held from 4 to 5 p.m. today at John R. Freed Funeral Home, 124 N. Easton Road, Glenside.

Harry L. "Bucky" Clark, Jr.

This is a link to the original obituary in The Intelligencer.

obit Bucky Clark obit Bucky Clark obit Bucky Clark

I will add, as a personal note, Bucky was a saving grace in my life. He inspired me to be more, to strive for more, to use music as a force in my life. Everytime I played in a bar or club, everytime I picked up a guitar and sang, Bucky Clark was my mentor, in my life, in my music, in my head. That smile, that energy, it enabled me. It said: "Yes, you can!"

Bucky, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You really did give me "me."

As I write this, in October 2015, much is going on, some hard times.But, still, his wisdom, his lead, his smile, carries me onward.

What a truly great man.

In my life I had two awesome men. My father and Bucky. And my father greatly admired Bucky and Bucky admired my father. After 40+ years Bucky rememberd the letter my father wrote him when I was in 9th or 10th grade, praising Bucky for the work he did with his kids. Bucky remarked on it when I last saw him in 2013 at my 45th class reuinion.

I will miss this man forever, just like I miss my father.

They really don't make them like that any more.

One for the ages. Well, or in my case, two for the ages.

obit Tom Coley

Patricia Dilworth Ennis

Deceased June 24, 2013

pat dilworth ennis

Online obituary

Terry M. Duncan

Obituary Link

Susan Eberhardt O'Brien

Obituary link
obit Greg Doyle

Robert James Ertell Jr.


Robert James Ertell, Jr., 64, of West Chester, died Friday, August 8, 2014 at his home. He was the husband of Susan Cosgrove Ertell. Born in Philadelphia, he was the son of the late Robert J. Ertell, Sr. and the late Margaret Maier Ertell.

Bob was a graduate of Abington High School and attended Penn State University. He worked as a Production Manager for the Hartford. Bob enjoyed sailing, coaching soccer and keeping up with the Philadelphia sports teams.

He was involved in his neighborhood community and was known to do some carpentry and woodworking. In addition to his wife, he is survived by his son, Zachary R. Ertell of West Chester, and daughter, Elizabeth M. Ertell of State College, and six nieces and five nephews. He was preceded in death by his sister, Jean Ann Crimmins.

Relatives and Friends are invited to his Funeral Service, 12 Noon, Thursday, August 14, 2014 at the DellaVecchia, Reilly, Smith & Boyd Funeral Home, Inc. 410 North Church Street, West Chester, PA 19380 where visitation will begin at 10 a.m. Interment will be private. In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to the Abramson Cancer Center c/o Penn Medicine Attn. Development, 3535 Market Street, Suite 750, Philadelphia, PA 19104.

Published in The West Chester Daily Local on Aug. 12, 2014

Published in the South Jersey Courier-Post

obit marc frantz
obit Allan Glatthorn
obit patti goldstein

Ellen Goodstein Koplow

obit ellen goodstein
obit Helen Harrer Morris

Scott S. Hawkins

Scott S. Hawkins, 59, of Palmer Township, formerly of Glenside, Pa. died Tuesday in VNA Hospice of St. Lukes. He was a son of the late William and Elizabeth (Stagg) Hawkins. Scott was a construction inspector for Arora and Associates, Lawrenceville, N.J. Prior to that he was an engineer for Verizon in Philadelphia for 36 years retiring in 2006. Survivors: Wife, Carrie A. (Lincoln) Hawkins; sons, Glenn, Michael and Jonathan Hawkins and Jonathan Edly; daughters, Lindsay Dawson and Jessica Borrelli; sisters, Wendy Hawkins, Susan Fink and Holly Hawkins; five grandchildren; and many nieces and nephews. A brother, Bill Hawkins died earlier. Services: 6 p.m. Saturday in the Ashton Funeral Home, Easton. Call from 3 p.m. until service time. Contributions: Hospice of the VNA of St. Lukes, 1510 Valley Center Parkway, Suite 200, Bethlehem, PA 18017.

Published in the Morning Call on 6/18/2009

obit Glenn Madison

Barbara Major Jadczak

The Intelligencer

Posted: Sunday, January 9, 2011 4:00 am | Updated: 9:42 am, Sun Jan 9, 2011.

Barbara Lynne (Major) Jadczak of Horsham passed away Wednesday, Jan. 5, 2011. She was 60.

She is survived by her husband of more than 40 years, Raymond Jadczak; her children, Jeremy Jadczak (Michelle), Allison O'Brien (Dennis), Samuel Jadczak (Melissa Rudnecki), and Rebecca Jadczak; her brother, Scott Major; her sister, Janet Mundell; her granddaughters, Kylie and Oliva O'Brien; and her grandson, Julian Jadczak.

She was preceded in death by her sister, Claudette Johnson; and a daughter, Jessica Jadczak.

She was a longtime employee of PJ Auto Repair of Horsham.

Barbara was active in Women Aglow, Red Hatters, and North Penn Clown Alley.

Relatives and friends are invited to her viewing from 10 to 11 a.m. Saturday Jan. 8, at the John J. Bryers Funeral Home, 406 N Easton Road, Willow Grove, where the funeral service will follow at 11 a.m. Interment will be private.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to River of Life Church, 3434 Durham Road, Doylestown, PA 18902. John J. Bryers Funeral Home.

Joseph "Doc" Jurich

obit Doc Jurich
obit Wendy McClelland


Kenneth Michael McTeigue, Kenny, to his friends of Hatfield, passed away Sunday, March 13, 2011.

Kenny graduated from Abington Senior High in 1968. He grew up in Roslyn. He is survived by his mother, Helen and by his siblings, Patrick, Kathleen, Martin and Daniel.

Burial services will be held Tuesday March 22 at 2PM at Washington's Crossing Military Cemetery in Washington's Crossing. Friends are invited. In lieu of flowers, please make a contribution to the American Tinnitus Association.

Dottie Meng Gilly

Obit Link Dottie Meng Gilly

richard minehart obit part 1 richard minehart obit part 2

Linda Myers Gallagher

obit Linda Myers
obit David Oliver
obit Burrell Oughton
obit Ronald Pawell
obit Ron Rhoads
obit Marshall Roberts

Evelyn Rufino

obit Evelyn Rufino
Published in the Daytona Beach, FL Journal-News

Sandra Serago

obit Sandra Serago
obit Leo Sharkey
obit Dennis Stanislaw

From the Chattanooga Times Free Press

obit Jim Stover
obit Don Widdoes

For all of our classmates who have left us too soon ...

Irish blessing

Sorry, Dave. I wish I could have been there ...

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