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Nostalgia - Have old photos, old newspaper clippings or other memoribilia that you'd like to share with classmates? We'll put it here! Just email Ed Mullen. Thanks to everyone who has sent in items over the years!

And now, a little look back ...

1/18/2017 - I spoke with Scott Creighton the other day and he told me about how his father was always filming people and things with his 8mm camera. One day when the North Campus Chorale was on The Larry Ferrari Show his dad pointed the camera at the TV set and captured a little bit of it. This was before home movie cameras had sound so none of the audio was captured. Still, it's fun to see Larry on the organ, the kids in the group, and Bucky Clark conducting.

This is a large file, about 21 Mb, so hopefully you have a fast internet connection. Creighton Choir Clip

You might also be interested in this Facebook post Scott sent about Bucky Clark.

Gerald Chernicoff sent these latest photos. The first is Cedar Park Elementary School 1962 class photo. The second is from the class trip to Rome in 1967. Thanks to Gerrie!

photo Cedar Park Elementary School photo Rome class trip 1967

Jay Ogle sent these class pics from Overlook Elementary School. He included these comments:

First grade class: Top row from the right on the end is Mark Tanner and to his right is Dennis Giangulio.

Middle row second from the right (in stripe shirt) is Robin Roberts and to his right is myself.

First row in center in dark pants and shirt is (I believe) Gregg Stainer. photo Overlook Elementary School

In Third grade picture top row next to teacher on left is Frank Betz and to his left is Kay Blumenthal. In center with light blue dress is Martha Bauman.

Center row third from left (in red sweater) is Richard Spencer. To his left between 2 Cub Scouts is Mark Tanner.

On far right standing between back and center row is Kerry Cargill.

In front row from the left is myself. To my left in red dress is Debbie Jacobson. To her left in center (in red V neck sweater) is Diane Crossett. To her left in light blue dress is Susan Tucker. On far right in Cub Scout uniform is Greg Stainer.

photo Overlook Elementary School

Dave Bennett sent along (March 2015) these photos of Highland Elementary School classes. I'm in the last pic, top row far left. Mr. James Brown's 6th grade class. The first photo is of Miss Walter's 1st grade class. Dave said: "The very homely looking one in the middle is yours truly." He's in the top row with (I think) Kevin Corcoran in front of him.

photo highland elementary school photo highland elementary school photo highland elementary school photo highland elementary school

Steve Blumenfeld, prom photo 1968. Courtesy of Gloria Bremer Anton. photo steve blumenfeld prom 1968

Abington oracle 1968 yearbook cover

spirit button

spirit button two

sweat shirt with spirit buttons

ghost maroon icon

68 eagle

21st reunion cover

34th reunion directory front cover

34th reunion directory back cover

Thanks to Jay Ogle for finding these Galloping Ghosts license plates and sending them along to me (May 2007).

ghost license plate 1

This one is looking a little worse for the wear!

ghost license plate 1

prom program photo 1

prom program photo 2

1968 Senior Prom, Nancy Reilly - Marilyn Trice - unknown - Sue Myers (thanks to Nancy for the photo)

prom girls

From The Times Chronicle newspaper, December 1967

the 5th Generation

All of these photos Copyright Ed Mullen

Abington high school north campus sign 1965

North Campus building looking Northeast, circa 1965

North Campus building looking Northeast, circa 1965

North Campus building looking Southeast, circa 1965

North Campus building looking Southeast, circa 1965

South Campus building looking east, circa 1965

South Campus building looking east, circa 1965

North Campus Chorale ensemble on TV - "Getting Ready," circa 1965

North Campus Chorale ensemble on TV

North Campus Chorale ensemble on TV circa 1965 with our leader Bucky Clark

North Campus Chorale ensemble on TV circa 1965

Abington 1968

choir news

Abington 1968

concert news

Abington 1971

jack damm debbie flower wedding photo

Glenside July 2001 - Ginny Dunlop Blaisdell

Ginny Dunlop Blaisdell Arcadia University

October 1988 (see photos below story)

hall of fame 1

hall of fame 2

1973 - Donna Ianna

donna ianna

June 1968 - Miss Panorama

Miss Panorama

Terri Swift 1988

terry swift news

Merit Scholars, Abington 1968 (thanks to Dave Hingston) merit scholars image

COMMENCEMENT PROGRAM - from June 9, 1968 - Thanks to all who sent copies!

In Microsoft Word format - NOTE: 13+ Megabytes!

In .PDF format - 3.1 Megabytes

BYE BYE BIRDIE PROGRAM - from March 18 & 19, 1968 - Thanks to Mary Beth Patterson!

In Microsoft Word format - NOTE: 6.7 Megabytes!

In .PDF format - 2.4 Megabytes

SENIOR AWARDS ASSEMBLY - from May 22, 1968 - Thanks to Linda Weisel!

In Microsoft Word format - NOTE: 7 Megabytes!

In .PDF format - 1.6 Megabytes

Larry Probst - Wall St. Journal article. - May 12, 2003

Ghost Stories Clippings (note - issues of Ghost Stories are available online at: the Alumni Association site.)

These pages from the AHS Alumni Association newsletter are large. Dial-up users will need to be patient. I scanned a few pages from issues going back to 1994. Most of it is old news but some of you might never have seen or heard about it. The links below are to jpeg image files. Use your browser "back" button to return here.

| Ghost-1 | Ghost-2 | Ghost-3 | Ghost-4 | Ghost-5 | Ghost-6 | Ghost-7 |

| Ghost Spring 2008 Allan Glatthorn |


In February 2015 Abington High School Class of 1972 graduate Aston Carter assumed the post of Secretary of Defense of the United States. You can view his Wikipedia article for more info.

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