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34th Reunion Photos - Taken on March 16, 2002

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(Photos Set One) (Photos Set Three)

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JE-0110 JE-0112 JE-0113 JE-0117
photo photo photo photo
JE-0118 JE-0120 JE-0122 JE-0124
photo photo photo photo
je-0125 je-0127 je-0128 je-0130
photo photo photo photo
je-0131 je-0137 je-0138 je-0139
photo photo photo photo
je-0142 je-0143 je-0144 je-0145
photo photo photo photo
je-0146 je-0147 je-0148 je-0149
photo photo photo photo
je-0150 je-0151 je-0152 je-0153
photo photo photo photo
je-0154 je-0156 je-0157 je-0160
photo photo photo photo
je-0170 je-0190
photo photo
je-0111 je-0114 je-0115
photo photo photo
je-0116 je-0119 je-0123
photo photo photo
je-0126 je-0129 je-0132
photo photo photo
je-0133 je-0134 je-0135
photo photo photo
je-0136 je-0140 je-0141
photo photo photo
je-0155 je-0158 je-0180
photo photo photo

Ok, here's my best guess on who all these folks are. If you can fill in one of the unknowns or find a mistake please let me know!

JE-0110 - ?, Donna Campton, ?
JE-0111 - Howard Snyder, Jane Hileman
JE-0112 - Ellen Schwendeman, ?
JE-0113 - Sandra Ryan, Barbara Abrahams
JE-0116 - Carol Steinmetz, Linda Weber, Lois Gretzinger
JE-0117 - Rob Gelblum, Mary Lou Gelblum
JE-0118 - Ed Mullen (waving)
JE-0120 - Carol Bova, Linda Arrelano
JE-0122 - Pam Duerr
JE-0123 - Ginny Dunlop, ?
JE-0124 - Bob Tate, Mary Beth Patterson
JE-0125 - Doug Hargrave
JE-0127 - Doug Hargrave, Ed Mullen
JE-0128 - John Lawit, Rob Gelblum
JE-0131 - ?, Lonnie Moseley
JE-0132 - Judy Earnest, Ginny Dunlop
JE-0133 - Nancy Corrigan, JoAnn Cavaggion
JE-0134 - JoAnn Cavaggion
JE-0135 - Pam Duerr, Kevin Corcoran
JE-0136 - Hank Meyers, Judy Earnest
JE-0137 - Bill Schuman
JE-0138 - Bill Loescher, Ted Reisse, Richard Minehart
JE-0139 - Ed Mullen, Sharman Mullen, ?
JE-0140 - ?, Pam Duerr, Ginny Dunlop, Donna Campton, Bill Schuman
JE-0141 - Ginny Montgomery, Ginny Dunlop, ?
JE-0143 - Lonnie Moseley, Howard Snyder, Linda Weber
JE-0145 - Hank Meyers and Judy Ernest
JE-0146 - Ellen Schwendeman, Arthur Adams, Donna Campton
JE-0147 - Judy Earnest, Kevin Corcoran
JE-0148 - Debbie Flower, Jack Damm, Bob Gottschalk, Theresa Gottschalk
JE-0149 - ?, Lonnie Moseley, ?, ?
JE-0150 - ?, ?, Carol Bova, Linda Weber, ?
JE-0151 - Patti Ranieri and husband
JE-0152 - Barbara Allen, ?, ?
JE-0153 - Lonnie Moseley, Howard Snyder
JE-0154 - Ted Reisse (sitting), Richard Minehart (standing)
JE-0155 - Ginny Montgomery, Ginny Dunlop, ?
JE-0156 - Jane Hileman
JE-0157 - Jan Armon, Jane Hileman
JE-0160 - Nancy Kemner Probst, Wendy Drescher O'Rourke and Larry Probst
JE-0170 - Carol Steinmetz, Ron Ziegler, Linda Weber
JE-0190 - Jane Hileman and Cindy DeWald

Thanks to Rob Gelblum, Cindy DeWald, Wendy Drescher O'Rourke and Linda Arrelano for identifying some of the photos

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