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Reunion News - June 2001

NEWS 6/27/01

Things are rolling along. We've received a large number of updates to the class database. I forwarded 36 changes since June 25th to the Alumni Association today alone. We've added a number of email addresses to bring the total up to 84.

A number of you have jumped in and sent us info on classmates. Nancy, Linda, Janet, Jane, Curt, Kevin, Donna and anyone I'm forgetting to mention - THANK YOU!

Several people have asked for a current list of missing classmates in alphabetical order so that it's easier to read through. If you want a list, just click on the link "Missing Classmates" above. Or, email me (Ed Mullen) and tell me in what format you would like to have it. It can be a table in an email for printing out, an Excel file, Word file, or just about any other kind of file you might want. It would be great if you could help us put addresses to these missing names.

NEWS 6/14/01

The following is excerpted from Ginny Dunlop Blaisdell's recent email update ... On Sunday, June 10, all the fliers were stuffed and labeled by a very small but energetic group (Don Pearce, Judy Earnest, Marianne Quinn Wilson, Cathy Zaengle O'Neill, Marci London, Ginny Dunlop Blaisdell)....great job everyone and it was great fun to talk and laugh and share stories while we got a big job done. Jude tells me she stamped and sealed the 400 plus envelopes and they are in the mail as we speak. Keep an eye out for yours and pass the word on.

There are some major decisions that need to be made very soon. WHEN and WHERE (the facility must be booked soon). The fliers ask for feed-back by July 10. Chief Jude thinks that the When and Where should be addressed before our next scheduled meeting of August 19, if possible, so after you get your flier in the mail please get back to Jude via e-mail or phone as soon as possible.

Where and when is our next meeting you ask? The next meeting of the great minds of the Reunion Committee will be August 19, 2:00 PM, at Ginny Dunlop's, 129 Royal Avenue, North Wales, 215-699-6375. Please put this on your calendar now because it is a very important meeting. I will send out another reminder of this date as it gets closer (along with a map to my humble abode) and an agenda for that day.

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