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Class of '68 - Reunion News - July 2001


The Reunion Committee has met 3 times: last on 6/10/01 next on 8/19/01. Folks who have attended include:

Judy Earnest, Marcy London, Marianne Quinn, Cathy Zaengle, Ginny Dunlop, Bev Ginsburg, Curt Ehly, Don McClain, Hank Meyers, Bill Thesing, Ginny Montgomery, Jim Rutledge, Sandy Ryan, Carol Hoffman, Ramona Statkevicz, Don Pearce, Nancy Armstrong, Barbie Abrahams.

In addition, key folks helping include: Jan Penny, Kevin Corcoran, and Donna Campton, among others. Lonnie Moseley suggested the "In Memoriam" section for the web site. Many of you have emailed updates and corrections and we really appreciate that help too. Our apologies if we've forgotten anyone to whom we should be saying "Thanks!"


Within the last 45 days a survey was mailed to the list which was current at the time. We are 10 days away from the requested info return deadline. About 1/3 of all responses have had at least one found person. This is a big help. As of June 30 we have received 50 responses to the mailing of the survey. We need your input - send back your survey along with any comments!!!


We started with $710 from local committee members personal contributions. We have $450 left after the mailing. A classmate has offered to contribute copying and postage for our next mailing.

Judy Earnest has interviewed 10 area restaurants regarding facilities, menus, prices, and such. She is currently collecting and correcting this and other data.

The estimate for the deposit for the meeting space is $2,000. In addition, there will be pre-reunion costs associated with tickets, name tags, a directory, music DJ, etc.


We need funds within the next two months for the deposit on the meeting space. In order to proceed we need to ask your help with the finances. Let's be absolutely clear about this. The folks mentioned above have, so far, financed this effort with personal donations of money as well as their time. If this reunion is to become a reality we need your donation!

Please send a contribution to the Reunion Fund of $50.00. Your name will be listed in the directory as a Donor. Even if you can't afford a Donor amount, please send whatever you can.

If you are a business person whose company can make a $100 contribution your business and name will be listed in the directory as a Sponsor. (Directory ads may be available to businesses at a later date. Pricing has not yet been determined.)

All contributions should be made payable to "AHS 1968 Reunion" and mailed to: Judy Earnest, 622 Monroe Ave, Glenside, PA 19038 (email: <Alleuia327@aol.com>)


Membership in the Association must be the best deal on the planet. For a one-time donation of $15.00 you get a Lifetime membership! The money is used primarily for scholarships and the production and mailing of the annual Ghost Stories newsletter sent to all Lifetime members and above: Not a member? You don't get the newsletter.

The Association needs your help. The Class of '68's participation in the Association could certainly be better. The Association's database lists only graduates. Some of our classmates moved or did not graduate and are not listed. If you are among those, you can become an Associate member by joining the Association.

The Reunion database is maintained separately from the Association's. We include everyone. Of the 790 classmates listed in the Reunion database there are 459 with either postal or email addresses. (Oddly enough, we have email addresses for three people who do have lifetime memberships but no postal address. Hello? It's as easy as an email to Ed Mullen to figure out where you stand!) Of those 459, only approximately 15% are members of the Association. If you aren't sure of your status, please email Ed Mullen>. Ed will check your status and reply.


The list of email addresses continues to grow and we're sending out periodic updates to those of us who are online. The committee has been hustling to locate as many of the missing classmates as possible. Many of you have helped by sending us addresses for missing friends. We started with 386 missing entries in the original Alumni Association database supplied to us. As of July 2nd the count is 310.

Help us find those missing 310. Does your college or university have an alumni database? We searched the Penn State Alumni Association online database for missing members and found several that way. Try searching your college's alumni data for some of those missing. If you want a list of the missing alumni just go to the Reunion Web page and click on "The Missing." It's a list in alphabetical order by last name you can print out and refer to. The list is updated almost daily as new information comes in so check back frequently.


The AHS Alumni Association's web site is at: http://www.abington.k12.pa.us/.

You can email the Association at: alumni@Abington.k12.pa.us.

The Class of '68 Reunion web page is located at: http://edmullen.net/index.php.

On this site you can find statistics about the class database, links to classmates' web pages, news about the reunion progress, contact information, an In Memoriam page, and more.

If you have a story to tell about finding an old (using the term advisedly!) friend and you want to share it, please do. Just email it to Ed Mullen and we'll include it in the Reunion Web site.

Classmates.Com - You can register on this site for our high school and class and be automatically kept up to date on the reunion progress. Also, about 100 or so classmates are registered and you must might find there someone you'd like to talk with again.


Reunion business, newsletter, Web site, database updates - Ed Mullen, 770-360-5673; Email Ed

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