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Newsletter - Number 5 - November 2001


This isn't exactly a newsletter. Rather, just a note that you'll be receiving one in the mail in about a week. The latest issue will have the details about the reunion, time, place, menu, etc. And, just so you know it's really going to happen, a Reservation Form!

The committee is meeting tomorrow night to label and stuff envelopes, review the draft of the directory, and do whatever other mysterious things take place at these meetings. So, keep an eye on your mail for the latest newsletter.

Yes, I know the last time we set a deadline of November 1 for submitting any biographical info for inclusion in the directory to be published at the reunion. Well, you still have time. I've gotten all the data everyone has submitted so far into the database and it's looking pretty good. Now, I know that last time I indicated that you shouldn't write a novel but some of you were awfully shy. Don't be afraid of sending too much, I have a red pencil handy. You can be as serious or whimsical as you like. This is supposed to be FUN! If you need a reminder, here's what you can submit:

1. Current address, telephone, email - just in case you've moved and forgot to tell us.
2. Marital status, spouse's name, how long you've been married, how happy you are to be divorced, etc. Please, no requests for classmates to harass your ex, ok?
3. Children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, great-great ... oops. Names, ages, stellar qualities, achievements, etc.
4. Your (and/or your spouse's) occupation.
5. Other - such as: the saga of your climb up (or fall down) the corporate ladder, your 30-year hobby raising guppies, travels, education, flashbacks from the 60s, or your most incredible experience driving on the PA Turnpike. Whatever you think is pertinent, impertinent, touching, silly, or something that just plain makes you proud to have survived.

Any new additions or changes? Please Email Ed

FYI, our incredibly hard-working chairperson, Judy Earnest, can be found at: Alleuia327@aol.com

See you all March 16, 2002.

Best regards,

Ed Mullen, '68
Alpharetta, GA
Email Ed

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