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March 29, 2002 - number 2

Post Reunion Newsletter - March 29, 2002 RECAP

I finally made it back home on March 26 after two weeks "on the road" and 2,646 miles on the odometer.  Every mile was more than worth it.

The 34th reunion, judging from the emails I've received, was an unqualified success.  The single common "complaint" was that it just wasn't long enough.  I will agree with that.  Too many people, too little time.  The next one will have to be longer, maybe a picnic one day and a dinner the next.  But first Judy and I have to rest up from this one!

First of all, thanks to all the people who worked so hard to make this project a roaring success.  Judy Earnest was extraordinary.  The committee members who folded and stuffed envelopes and helped out with all the other organizing efforts were terrific.  Me?  Heck, I appreciate all the kind words from everyone but I think I had the easy part.  I got to play with my computers and exercise some under-utilized marketing skills AND have great fun communicating with all of you.  Work?  Not from my view.  It was a ball.

I did not have access to email while I was away so I've been playing catch up since I got back.  Sorry to everyone for the delay in responding to your emails.  The good news is that I'm back.  The better news is that I don't have anything to nag you about so you're safe from me until the spirit moves us to do it all over again.  ;-)


I'll be making some changes to the web site over the next week to reflect the fact that the 34th Reunion has passed.  In all the excitement of the impending evening I forgot to bring my camera!  So, any of you who took pictures here's a plea.  If you have digital photos please email them to me.  If you have regular prints, please send them and I'll scan them and return them to you.  I think we'd all like to see some memories from that night and I'll post them on the web site for all to see.  Also look for quotes from various people who emailed Judy and I to describe their thoughts on the evening.


Thanks to everyone for coming and having a great time.  I think many of us attending thought that it would simply be an interesting and fun evening.  As it turned out it was much more than that.  For me there were many great moments of seeing friends for the first time in 34 years, getting a chance to make new friends, and even meeting new people.  (With almost 800 in our graduating class it's understandable that many of us never really knew each other.  Someone remarked to me that just seeing a familiar face as we walked the halls during class changes was almost a surprise.)

There were several moments for me that are burned into my memory, meeting certain special friends, that first instant of recognition, the huge grins, the hugs, the rush of emotions and questions, and the surreal feeling that this was all too good to be true.  But it was true.  And it was good.

My impression is that we turned out to be a pretty good bunch of people.  Eclectic, interesting, and varied.  In other words:  fairly normal!  Which, given the era and all that was going on, I find somewhat astounding.  1968 itself was a sad and insane year and certainly not an auspicious start for our adulthood.  But, then, maybe that was a big part of teaching us how to survive and prosper.  And maybe that's why a 34-year perspective was so special on March 16th.

All the best to everyone.  Thanks again.

Ed Mullen

And don't forget to use those directories to keep in touch!

P.S.  Sorry for the typo in the subject line with the wrong date on the first copy of this.  Hey, I was only 20 days off!

Ed Mullen

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