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NEWS - September 17, 2005

2008 seems pretty far away.  Or not.  All a matter of perspective, I suppose.  However, the future is coming and 2008 is the 40th anniversary of our high school graduation.  (And, yeah, saying those words pains me too so let's all just get over it and have some fun!)

The last reunion was at our 34th.  Sigh.  Yes, I know, I've heard all the arguments before.  But that is soooo 2002.  ;-)

However, it took an enormous effort to find classmates, poll everyone, stuff envelopes, devise a database, send mailings, etc.  In chatting with a few of the folks who were involved last time we all agreed:  "It's never too early to start!"

Anyway, nothing much for anyone to do yet other than mark your calendar in January 2008 with a note that a reunion is going to happen sometime that year.  Remembering that last one I thought it might be good to get everyone thinking about it sooner rather than later.

Ok.  The main thing we need to do right now is start finding lost classmates.  We had a great result last time with postal mailings and email and Web searches etc.  For a class so large we found an awful lot of people.  But we need to do better between now and 2008.  We have the luxury of time right now but (just in case you haven't noticed) that will slip away quickly and easily.  So, please peruse these pages.  See if there is anything that jogs a memory, even remote, about someone. Get out old dusty address books.  Look in both current and dead email address lists.  See if you have even a HINT! Something that you might think is an insignificant piece of info (a married name, an address, a state someone moved to, a college someone attended) could be just the thing we need to find someone.  NOTHING is too trivial.  Then email me.  I've got the time to do the detective work but I need clues!!!  So, check out these links:

LIST OF MISSING CLASSMATES:  http://edmullen.net/abington/ahs_reunion_missing.php (please review and think of ANY possible clue to someone's whereabouts)

CURRENT CLASS DATABASE STATS:  http://edmullen.net/abington/ahs_reunion_stats.php (peruse and see if locations prompt any memories or if the number of "missing" folks bothers you)

CLASSMATE LINKS:  http://edmullen.net/abington/ahs_reunion_links.php (so few but, hey, you might find something that stirs a memory; let me know)

DEAD EMAIL ADDRESSES:  http://edmullen.net/abington/ahs_dead_email.php (maybe I'm just too much of a nerd but I am really good about letting people know when my email address changes.  Check it out and let me know if you can supply new data - for you or anyone!)

IN MEMORIAM:  http://edmullen.net/abington/ahs_reunion_memoriam.php (not the happiest of places but you might see something that tweaks a memory that would be useful.  Trust me, not a single piece of info is unappreciated)

CLASSMATES DOT COM:  http://classmates.com (lots of friends listed there, check it out)

Soon I'll create a new page on the Web site for the 40th reunion.  Check in periodically.

One last thing everyone can do:  Be prepared to be nagged.  If you either don't remember last time or you weren't "found" yet, ask around:  I can be an incredible nag.  But, well, this is just a preliminary thing. I probably won't get too annoying for, oh, a month or two.  ;-)

Remember, the Class of '68 reunion page is always able to be found at:

http://edmullen.net (use the menus at the top)
edmullen.net/abington/index.php (direct link to the AHS '68 home page)

Ed Mullen

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