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NEWS - December 14, 2005

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!

I received a couple of new updates from classmates recently and was able to take Sue Reinhardt Cartier off of the "Missing" list.

In reverse chronological order, here are classmates who sent in new contact info in 2005, either email, postal mail, or both. So if you lost track of someone this could be why.

Sue Reinhardt Cartier, Hermitage, TN
Barbara Promisloff Schlenger, IL
Leonard J. Vernick, IN
Walter T. Champion, TX
Pat Arnold, PA
Harry Hornikel, NJ
Andy Mize, FL
Joann Greeby, FL
Carlyn Kosmahl-Trahms, MN
Melanie Whyte Braddock, FL
Gerald Chernicoff, FL
Jim Whipple, PA
Jon Thomas and Charlene Bednarik Thomas, TN
Gege Reckless Cahoon, DE
Art Finnel, TX
Barbie Abrahams Gladstone, NC
Lou Garofano, PA
Jan Armon, PA
Tom Resek, MN
Tom Davis, WV
Deb Szymanski Floyd, NV
Juergen Gerlach, GA
William Kranzer and Karen Gray Kranzer, MD
Johana Sutter Martz, CA
Janet Brackinridge Penny, FL

If you have a few moments please take a look at the Missing and Dead Email pages and see if you can "find" someone or correct an address for me. Thanks!

Missing - http://edmullen.net/abington/ahs_reunion_missing.php
Dead Emails - http://edmullen.net/abington/ahs_dead_email.php

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