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NEWS - February 1, 2007

Ok.  It's been a long time since the last email news.  And, here we are a month into 2007!  Time flies ... etc.

It's not that I haven't been paying attention or anything, it's just that the last year for me and Sharman has been, um, TOTALLY CRAZY.

About a year ago Sharman took an International Assignment as Vice-President of Services Delivery for all of IBM Canada.  We've had a condo in downtown Toronto, just a block from the Rogers Centre (formerly The Skydome) where the TO Blue Jays play (oh, sorry, that's the vernacular up there - "TO" - for Toronto, Ontario).  But I've been keeping the homestead going in Alpharetta, GA and she's been mostly in TO.  Lots of flying (and driving) back and forth to/fro Georgia.  It's been a blast, lots of fun.  Toronto is a great city.  And, I am partial to Canadians:  Heck, I married one!  However, it's also been pretty taxing.  Not much time for too much else.

Anyway, guess what?  We're now just eleven months away from the year of our 40th reunion!  Ah, can anyone say:  "Forty #@!%& years?  It can't be!!!"  Well, yeah, it can.  And it is.

So.  Here's the drill.  As with the last time, I'm happy to manage the communications, the database, directory, etc.  But!  Some of you guys in the Abington area have to step up and lead this.  It's just not practical for me to do it from almost 800 miles away.  Judy Earnest was the point person last time.  Unfortunately, I haven't heard from her in a looooong time.  I know Kevin Corcoran has kept a group meeting for happy hours periodically so I know some of you are actually still communicating with each other.

If anyone has any thoughts on this, or (gasp!) actually wants to step up and volunteer to dive into organizing this momentous celebration, email me.  A few things that leap to mind that need to be done:

There are probably a thousand other things but it's late and my brain is still partly in Toronto.  So, let me hear from you.  I'll coordinate the communications and let's get this ball rolling!

Happy New Year!  (Sheesh.  40 years?  Really?  No wonder I don't have any hair any more!)
Ed Mullen

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