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NEWS - August 17, 2007


I recently moved my Web servers to a new host. The service provides a lot of features I didn't have before using my "free" Comcast Web space. On great one is password-protected directories on the server. Anything in a protected folder is not accessible to anyone who doesn't have the correct user ID and password. The files in those directories are not accessible to spammers, search engine bots, or hackers.

Many people have asked about getting an updated version of the directory. Since it does change periodically the most effective way to make it available is online. But I didn't want to do that unless it could be protected. Now it can.

If you want a Microsoft Word file of the database in the same directory format we used at the 2002 reunion, send me an email.

If you need or want to update your listing in the database you can go to the directory form at any time to submit changes.

As always, please see the following two pages and see if you can help find our missing classmates.

The list of email addresses I'm getting bounce backs for.

The "missing" page>

The main 40th reunion page is right here!

HEY! Don't forget to take the poll!!!

Yes, I know, 40 years. Ok, let's all give a little "sigh" now. And then be happy we can still do that!

Best regards, and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion in 2008!

Ed Mullen

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