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NEWS - November 8, 2007



Based on the poll results (and various logistical considerations) the date for the 40th Class Reunion has been set for October 11, 2008.

We have paid the deposit for the venue. It is Twining Hall located at 4900 E. Street Road Trevose PA, 19053. That's on Route 132 at Trevose Road. A DJ has also been hired for the evening.

Here are a couple of links to get more info on the setting.

The Twining Hall page

MEI Catering (note, We're not sure yet of the service arrangements for the event)

Other AHS classes have used the facility in the past and were extremely satisfied.

We'll have more details as they are available.


In the meantime, if you have not already done so, please consider a non-refundable contribution to the reunion fund.

We have ongoing expenses for postal mailings, catering deposits, etc. Any amount would be a big help as we've pretty much run through the money that was left from the last reunion in 2002. A postal mailing to those without email addresses costs approximately $300.00. Every postal mailing returned as No Forwarding Address/undeliverable wastes nearly $1.00 in printing and mailing costs. Every address verification for forwarded mail costs $.15.

Thanks to the three people who have already sent a donation!


As you know, Don Pearce and Nancy Corrigan are doing the heavy lifting so far in Abington, with Ed Mullen doing the communications and Web "stuff" from down in Georgia. And that's been fine so far. Don and Nancy are planning a committee meeting for January to get into the finer details of the actual event. Several folks have in the past expressed willingness to help out. If you can spare some time and would like to join the meeting in January please contact Don and Nancy:

Don Pearce: pearcdonald5@aol.com

Nancy Corrigan: ncorrigan26@hotmail.com


PLEASE! Keep your email and other contact information current by using the online form at:


It is much easier to deal with and helps keep us from losing track of you.


Help locate missing classmates:



People come and go as they move, divorce, re-marry, etc. and forget to let us know. Take a look at the lists online - you may very well know the whereabouts of someone on the lists who has "gone missing." Please contact Ed Mullen with any information you may have about our classmates:

You may download the class database from the secure page:

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