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You'll notice a new "feature" of the guestbook. To submit a comment you now need to enter a number in a box that matches an image on the comment creation page. This is to help prevent automated spammers from posting messages. If you get the number wrong you'll simply get a refresh of the page with a new number. Enter that one and click Add My Comments.



I received my copy of the reunion mailer today containing the official invitation, reservation form etc. You should receive yours shortly. Please fill out the forms and mail your checks ASAP. We need the funds to meet our obligations to the venue.

You can also download the forms online, fill them out and send in your checks that way if you don't want to wait for the mailer:



As always, you can update, change and add to your listing in the class database:


Don't be shy about entering your comments in those large empty boxes near the bottom of the form. The database is the basis for the Reunion Directory published at the reunion.

It is available online in a protected area of the Web site. If you've forgotten the link, username and password, email Ed Mullen.

If you fill out the directory form online there is no need to mail a paper copy to me.


Peggy Heidelberger Smith lives in Tahoe City, CA. She says it's a great area for vacationing, near to Reno, Sacramento, Yosemite etc. Best of all, she has room for guests and issued an invitation to classmates to come visit! If you're thinking about a trip west, contact Peggy for more information: smithfam2@gmail.com

Looking forward to seeing everyone in October!!!

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