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FINDING FOLKS - June 4, 2008

As happened last time, as we ramp up to the reunion, I'm getting a few "Look who I found!" emails. And it's great! Hey, every single person found is good. And it might just be that one friend from high school who you are dying to talk with.

So. Take a look:

The Missing page

The dead email page

Do you know anyone on those lists? Do you have a postal address or email for any of them? Do you have even a 5-year old piece of information about anyone on those lists? Something that you think is pointless? Trust me. Every little piece of data is important. Especially married names for ladies from our class. That's how most of them are lost, they changes names. Look, it might be 20 year-old data. Don't hold back. The worst thing that can happen is that I spend an hour online trying to track them down. Doesn't hurt you, right?

The other day someone told me about a classmate who had re-married. No email, no address, no complete name, just a "well, I think this is true ..." It took me about 20 minutes to find her new husband online, email him, and get a positive response. Another classmate found.

So. Look at the lists. Check your address books. Check your email address books. Even an old email from 5 years ago is valuable.

Again, it could be someone you really want to find. And we might just find them.

The 40th is coming up fast. Time is a'wasting. Please! Go look at the links. Think. Search. Send me any clues. They might not pan out ... but they might result in finding someone who will be very grateful to be found.

Ed Mullen

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