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NEWS - June 27, 2008


We keep finding more classmates.  What is surprising is that most of the newly found gang of '68 has been unsolicited contacts.  That is, people are doing Google and other searches and finding the class Web pages and then filling out the directory form or the contact form.  I guess the 40th is a special date in a lot of people's minds.

Also, Tom Weider and I have been using Intelius.com to search for people.  We're through the first 100 or so of those listed on the "missing" page:


and we've managed to find several.  Intelius offers a 24-hour subscription for about 20 bucks.  So, if any of you are computer savvy and have some time (and 20 dollars) , please help out.

We're down to 238 classmates who are "not found."  I know, it sounds like a lot but consider that the class database stands at 792 listings.  So, we've found about 74% of those.  Not too shabby.  And back in 2002 at the last reunion we were a lot higher in terms of "lost" classmates.

So drag out those old address books and check the Web pages.  Hey!  It's 40 years!!!  Who knows?  Maybe that goofball from 1968 is now a state senator?  Or a successful brain surgeon.  Or maybe that teen-age love would like to tell you just how much he (or she) misses you and how special you were and how much of a positive effect you had back then.  Or, maybe, who knows, perhaps its just old friends you didn't even know missed you?

You can help simply by looking at the "missing" list and seeing if you know the whereabouts of anyone on that list.


Also check out:  http://edmullen.net/abington/ahs_dead_email.php


I've tried to make it easy to find us and easy to keep us apprised of your current locale.  And also to find the reunion documents in case you need to direct someone to the forms.

Directory form:  http://edmullen.net/abington/directory_form.php


October 11, 2008.  Ok.  Our official 40th commencement anniversary was June 9th, 2008.  Still, a reunion is not so much an anniversary as it is an event.  And it will only happen ONCE.  Be there.


I probably shouldn't even write this but, what the heck.

We had a lightning storm a couple weeks ago.  And then we went out of town on a 2,200 mile driving tour.  So, last night (Thursday) we were talking about what to have for dinner today and Sharman said:  "How about hamburgers on the grill?"  To which I said:  "Ok!  I'll go in the basement and get the ground beef out of the freezer."

Well.  About four steps from the bottom of the stairs my nose began sending alarms to my brain.  And, ya know, I am 58 so it took a few micro-seconds for my brain to process the signals.

As my foot hit the basement floor I had this thought:  "Oh-my-God!  Something has died in my basement!!!"

Long story short, the freezer had died.  Along with lamb chops, veal chops, pork chops, ground beef, roasting chickens, etc.  And, before I could let my brain speak wisely to me, I actually opened the freezer.  And about passed out.

Yes, the lightning strikes took out the freezer about two weeks ago.  No, we don't go in the basement a lot.  Yes, the clean up was ... uh ... ok, never mind, you really don't wanna know.

Now all I'm waiting for is Sunday so I can roll the trash can out to the curb.  Everything is double-bagged but, honestly, the garage is positively fetid.  I've applied a liberal dose of Arm & Hammer Baking Soda to the dead freezer, turned on all the exhaust fans in the house, sprayed odor neutralizer everywhere, over and over and over again.

And I am considering just hiring someone to haul the freezer away and stop stockpiling foodstuffs.

Well.  Or moving.

Although the good news is that we're going over to friends' for dinner on Saturday.  I'll take my guitars and we'll drink and sing.  (Geez.  I sure hope they're planning on serving something like pasta.  Or grilled vegetables.  I still can't get the odor ... ok, never mind.)

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