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August 17, 2008


When we started out in 2001 with the class database (from the Alumni Association) there were 386 missing classmates.  I just did an update and today we have 233 missing.  Between all of you searching your memories and address books and people finding the Web site online we've managed to decrease the original number by about 40% - what I think is a great feat.  Although, I would still love to be able to cut that down some more so I'm going to nag you again to look at the list of missing classmates and see if you can help find someone - http://edmullen.net/abington/ahs_reunion_missing.php

The latest update is interesting.  A fellow in England (Andrew) emailed me a few days ago asking for information on Meta Goodrich.  He was an exchange student in the U.S. (different school) at the same time as Meta.  He knew her here and had kept in touch over the years but, as happens, lost track of her some time ago.

He was searching online and found her name listed on our Web site.  He knew her original home town in Australia and the town where she was married sometime in the 70s. 
I did some searching but came up empty.

I then emailed someone I know from an Usenet newsgroup who lives down under and asked if she had any ideas.  She replied with several suggestions which I forwarded on to Andrew in England.  This morning he emailed me with Meta's updated information.

The power of the Internet never ceases to amaze me.

I also updated the database, the stats page, and the class directory.


Hey!  Time's a-wasting!  Don't forget to send in your reservation, directory form, directory order, DVD pre-order etc. with your check(s).

- the reunion reservation form, directory order, DVD pre-order and check(s) should be sent to Don Pearce
- the directory form should be sent to me - however, the preferred method for this is to use the online directory form - http://edmullen.net/abington/directory_form.php

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