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alpharetta jams - April 2009

The A Team - Alpharetta - June 2009

photo of the music room

Ed, Sharman, Derek, Deb, Matt, Melissa and Denny

"Dammit, he's got my AMEX card again!!!"


It's really difficult for us all to get together. Matt and Deb are in Eagle, Michigan. Denny and Melissa are in Austin, TX. Derek is in Salem, Oregon. And here Sharman and I sit in Alpharetta, GA. Everyone's got family, or jobs, or other obligations, or all of those.

And traveling with instruments can be challenging.

We've gotten together in GA, MI, CA, TX and Toronto, ON when we had a condo there during Sharman's international assigment with IBM.

If you look at the slide show you'll also see John and Jody Bowles, Bill and Patty Powis, and Bob and Donna Kremer.

This "event" spanned from June 17 to June 24. Not everyone was there every day except for Sharman and I and Denny and Melissa. Derek got in on the 19th, Deb and Matt on the 21st. The rest are friends of ours locally here in GA.

We had two "jam nights" - Saturday and Monday. Everyone was here on Monday.

It's a wonderful group of people, lots of diverse music, and we all just seem to enjoy each other so much.

I recorded on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. 229 tracks. And that wasn't all of the songs that were sung. I periodically have to save the digital file so it doesn't get too unwieldy for editing. But the fact that we're not recording doesn't stop them from singing.

Take a look at the photos. I reached these conclusions.

  1. We really know how to trash a room.
  2. We really know how to have fun.
  3. We're a pretty-good-looking bunch of people!
  4. And, at one time, there was about 40 or 50 thousand dollars worth of instruments and recording gear in our family room. I told everyone: "If you hear a smoke alarm, everybody grab two instruments and run. Then come back and grab two more!!!"

MUSIC - There are 229 mp3 files from the week's festivities.


And then we went global in our Elderly T-Shirts

My guitar towel

Let the good times overflow

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