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The Gordon Lightfoot Crossword Puzzle!

Number 1 - by Ed Mullen

September 25, 2001

This is an interactive crossword puzzle. You need to have Java enabled to use this page.

Click on a cell and begin typing your answer.

You can change directions by using your keyboard arrow keys depending on where you are in the puzzle.

Or, each time you click on the same numbered cell your up/down direction will change if you are at an intersection.

Backspace works.

Delete key works.

You can verify your answers by clicking the "Check" button. Any wrong entries will be cleared.

If you feel utterly frustrated you can click the "Solution" link to see a picture of the filled-in puzzle. Which is cheating. But I won't tell anyone.

You need Java enabled to view the crossword applet.


Puzzle Copyright 2001, Ed Mullen

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