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You can drag any of these bookmarklet links and drop them onto the Personal Toolbar (Bookmarks Toolbar in later versions), the Bookmarks menu, or the Bookmarks Sidebar to save them in your SeaMonkey, Mozilla Firefox, or Netscape. I'm not exactly sure why you'd want to do this but you can also highlight a word on this page and then run a bookmarklet by clicking the link on this page. For instance, try highlighting the word "Mozilla" and then clicking the "Google Search" bookmarklet.

See the Wikipedia page for more info

Google Search current site
Google search
Google allinurl
Google Search alt.music.lightfoot
Google edmullen.net
Google Groups Search
Google Image Search
Google Maps Search
Google Microsoft.com
Google Mozilla
Google Video Search
Google USGOVT Search

Acronym Finder
domain owner
Make Search Bookmarklet
More Info About

Page Freshness

Make a Tiny URL - Passes current page URL to http://tinyurl.com and automatically makes a shorter URL you can copy/paste into a message.
W3C Validate Highlighted or Entered URL
W3C Validate Current Page

Remember Password
Show Passwords in page form
Password DEcoder
Password ENcoder

PC World find
Personal Note for current page

Search Biography
Search Dictionary.reference.com
Search Merriam Webster Dictionary
Search Roget's Online Thesaurus
Search Wikipedia

Show robots.txt for this Domain
Statusbar Shows URL

Translate URL From English to Spanish
Translate URL From English to French
Translate URL From French to English

UPS Tracking
FedX tracking

Bookmarklets Editor

Zoom images IN
Zoom images OUT

Bookmarklets Home Page - free tools for power surfing
Bookmarklets - Search tools
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Bookmarklets for Opera

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