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Previewing / Installing a Sidebar Tab

Now that you've created a tab, let us help you preview it within the Sidebar. Simply fill out the fields below with the name of your tab and the URL for the tab content and press "Preview Tab". Your tab will then appear in the Sidebar window.

(Note: You cannot use sidebar tabs if you are not using Netscape 6, NS7, or a Mozilla 1.x or later browser.)

Tab Name:  

Tab URL:  


NOTE: Here's a tip to find the proper URL/location/listing of a local sidebar.

Click CTRL-O or do File - Open. Navigate to where your local sidebar file is stored. Click and open it. click in the location bar in Mozilla to highlight the URL; click CTRL+C to copy the URL to the clipboard. Paste that file location into the sidebar Preview form.

Your tab should now be installed in your Sidebar! (If it doesn't appear, check to make sure you typed in the tab URL correctly.) It's a good idea to make sure your tab is functioning, and that all the links work properly. Should you need to make any fixes or changes to your tab, simply make and save any corrections, and then refresh your tab. To refresh your tab, just view another tab within My Sidebar and then return to view yours - this will automatically reload your tab from the server. If for some strange reason that technique doesn't work, right-click on a blank space in the sidebar and choose This Frame - Reload Frame.


You can highlight these and COPY/PASTE them into the Tab URL box in the form above to try them out.  Don't forget to change the Tab Name in the form too! Remember, you can easily hide or delete a sidebar so don't be afraid to play with these.

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