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This page - The Computer As A Music Playback and Recording Device - offers some thoughts on integrating your computer into your home stereo system.

This is not a detailed do-it-yourself manual but, rather, a general discussion about what's involved, the features, benefits, hardware and software required, costs, and the like. It should be helpful if you've been contemplating this but didn't really know what it would take.

The page includes references and links to various resources.

Please be aware that my system is constantly evolving. This little treatise got started several years ago and technology moves fast. Or, in deference to my English-Masters-Degreed wife, I guess, "fastly."

Hey! It's my web site, I'm allowed make up adverbs!!! (Actually, it does sound sort of Shakespearean, doesn't it? And, lo, the technology moved most fastly, surpassing even Rodrigo's capacity for encumbrance of the spirit. Damn. I really like that! Wish I knew what I meant by it.)

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