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Yes, indeed. Ed Mullen-s are everywhere!

(but there is only one edmullen.net, one edmullen.biz, and one edmullen.info - and they're me!)

Obviously, there is the question of how to write the plural term. Should it be Mullens or Mullen(s) Or something else? Because I'm sure there must be someone out there whose last name is literally Mullens. I know there are Mullins and Mullans so there gotta be some literal Mullens as well. Anyway, I decided to use "Mullen-s" to denote the plural of Mullen.

Now, honestly, all I was doing was checking to see if my pages were listed on various search engines.  And I kept sifting through the multitude of search responses looking for me, not them. When all of a sudden it struck - Good grief, there are a whole bunch of people out there named Ed Mullen who aren't me!

I was almost starting to feel guilty about having registered those domain names. I mean, what if some other Ed Mullen decided he wanted to register his name as a domain name on the Internet? Which, oddly enough, led me to think, "Well, heck, I've got the domain names, I might as well pay homage to all those other Ed Mullen-s out there."

Hence, The Mullen Files page wherein resides a listing of randomly captured links to other Ed Mullen-s.

Some of these links only mention Ed Mullen. Some are actually about me but most aren't. Some are named Edwin, some Edward, some even share Edmund with me. I suppose there's probably even an EdmOnd out there someplace. And there are a surprising number of E. J. Mullen . The fascinating thing is that there is such a diversity of Ed Mullen-s out there ...

(NOTE: The links were removed because they kept going dead (which rhymes with Ed!). Besides, everyone by now knows enough to do a Google search if they're really interested.)

Geez. I began to feel pretty insignificant! Until I remembered that edmullen.net, edmullen.info, and edmullen.biz are ME!

If you are visiting here and your name is actually Ed Mullen and you would like to have a specific link shown on this page, drop me a line.

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