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Reunion News Update - February 19, 2002


Go to the main page and look around. The newest feature is the Online Reunion Poll. If you don't find the one burning question you've got, just email me and I'll add it to the poll. And check out those links to Top 40 songs on the Poll page!

There are some new classmates links and pictures on the Pictures and Links page on the web site. Go to: http://edmullen.net/abington/ahs_reunion_links.php

Speaking of pictures, bring your digital cameras to the reunion and take lots of pictures. After you get home, email me your best shots and I'll post them on the Reunion Web Site. We'll miss our friends who won't be able to join us on March 16th but we can at least let them see what all the noise was about!

Also, a few more updates have been made to the Attendees list. Check it out at:


The total number of reservations to date is 114. That does not include spouses or guests. This is an unofficial tally which includes people who have emailed their intent to come but whose "checks are in the mail." We really want everyone who can attend to be there.

We've negotiated a slight extension of the deadline with the venue so you now have a little extra time to send in your reservation. But not much! And you have also been granted a bit of extra time to send in your biographical data for inclusion in the Reunion Directory. Read about what you can submit at:  http://edmullen.net/abington/news_2002-01-10.php.

The list of Missing Classmates has decreased a little as well. So check out the MISSING page and the STATS

If you've been thinking that 34 years is a long time, you might want to check out http://edmullen.net/TICKTOCK2.php
for an interesting perspective.

All the best,

Ed Mullen

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