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NEWS - September 29, 2005

THANKS to all who replied to my last newsletter.  And sorry for the long delay in some of my responses.  (It's been a little crazy around home lately with ... well, life.)  I was able to make a number of updates to the class database.  Thanks to Tom Weider, Bill Loescher, Ted Hennessy, Sharon Rasper Finzimer, and Russ Kratzer for updates!

Here are some ideas to consider in locating those missing classmates.
And remember, the lists of missing classmates and dead emails (linked below) are always online for you to browse through.

Harry Hornikel - Mays Landing, NJ
Andy Mize - Melbourne Beach, FL
Mark Frantz - Voorhees, NJ
Pat Arnold - Philadelphia, PA
Walt Champion - Houston, TX

I've updated these Web pages you might want to check on:
I also got a couple of leads I'll follow up on soon.

Ron Rhoads emailed wondering if anyone was interested in attending a game this October in the new football stadium.  If so, get in touch with Ron at Rrhoads01@aol.com

I'll be in the Abington area for Thanksgiving and hope to gather a group to start talking about a 2008 40th reunion.  (No, no, no!  No one's suggesting having it in January!  Geez, I just meant to put a note on your calendar to remind you it would be happening!  Besides, since I moved to Georgia I avoid traveling north during any months when weather may need to be shoveled.)  Anyone in the area is welcome.  In fact, even if you're not in the area you're welcome and encouraged to help out.

One of the things we'll do is conduct a survey with some options on dates, venues, etc. in order to see what most people favor and can accommodate.  As always, if you have any suggestions please feel free to email me.

All the best!

Ed Mullen

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