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MEMORABILIA - June 2, 2008

If you have any memorabilia from our high school years (1964-1968) please let me know. I'm especially interested if anyone has a copy of our graduation/commencement program. What I have is already available here.

If you have any of the following please email me:

It's our 40th, ok? If now is not the time to remember I don't know what will be.


Cindy DeWald emailed me with a clue about a missing classmate. I spent about an hour online and found her (Joan Camenisch). Cindy took the time to read through the missing list. and let her memory work. And came up with something she saw or read or heard. And that was all the clue I needed. Another classmate found!

Hey. It's our 40th. Take five minutes. Peruse the missing list and see if you remember anything, even if you think it's insignificant. It might be. But it just might be the little clue we need to find someone.

And, remember, Google is your friend!


Print the forms, fill them out, write your checks, and mail them in.

The last mailing cost almost $400 to send out. We still have deposits etc. to pay to the venue and DJ. I know it seems a long way off but we need the money to start flowing in so we can meet these obligations.

Of the $400 for the mailing I contributed $150 to offset the costs. But we're still needing you folks to make your reservations and write your checks!


And, after all is said and done? October! When we can see how well all of our classmates have fared over the years. Me? I have no hair. Well, ok, I do have some hair. But it's mostly gray. Which is why I just shave my head and face, ya know? I mean, I'm retired. This is no time to be paying someone 40 bucks to do what I can do with a trimmer from Wal Mart!!!

So, hairless or not, October! Be there! It'll be fun. And if you don't have anyone in particular to laugh at, hey, I'm your guy! Although, honestly, even in high school I really didn't have all that much hair, ok?

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