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WEB SITE UPDATES - June 7, 2008

Thanks to a flurry of emails and Web site contacts we've found several more of us. So, I've updated the following pages:

Missing classmates

Sadly, this also includes learning that two more of our friends passed away: Bill Regimbal (in 2004) and Leo Sharkey (in 2006). Please see the In Memoriam page:

In Memoriam


We still have 246 classmates to find! So. Take a look:

Missing classmates

Dead emails

I got a great suggestion from Tom Wieder. Some of you likely have access to the LEXIS/NEXIS database which is a fantastic way of finding people. If so we could really use your help finding those on the Missing list.

Tom said that Intelius has a 24-hour pass for unlimited searches for $19.95. He and I have agreed to each get a day pass at Intelius and tackle some searches. Tom is taking the first 1-50 on the list and I'll take the next 51-100.

So. Is anyone else out there willing and able to help by searching for 50 names, using either Lexis/Nexis or Intelius? If so, please email me before you do anything so we don't have people duplicating effort.

Ed Mullen

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