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MISCELLANEOUS - Well, I had some stuff I didn't know what else to do with. Or, to put it grammatically correctly, I had some stuff with which I didn't know what to do.

Here's a little plaque I've had since 1968 or 9. Always loved the quote attributed to Robert McCloskey.

Remodeling the Mullen house. - In March 2008 we undertook "The Great Remodeling Project."

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Tick Tock, Tick Tock ... - Yeah, out of control again!

Lasernerds! - added February 2008

Here's an interesting thing. Waaaaay back in the 80s I was involved with Sony and other companies developing and marketing "interactive video" - aka "multimedia" technologies. Before the term "multimedia" was coined. There was a hard-core group and we collectively referred to ourselves as "Lasernerds." The reason was that the primary technology available to us was Laservision videodisc, one of the very first (if not the first) optical media. Keep in mind, this pre-dates CD-ROM by many years.

In fact, when I was the Market Development Manager for the Mid-Atlantic Region for Sony Business & Professional Products Group, I sold the first CD-ROM drive in the MA Region (to DuPont if my memory serves me). It cost about $1,200, was an external drive about the size of three or four of today's external USB hard drives, had it's own power supply, and the only interface choice was SCSI (which meant you had to buy a separate interface card for the computer and that cost about another thousand dollars). And there was a sum total of 1 (one) CD-ROM disc application available to put into it (Compton's Multimedia Encyclopedia).

Recently I've been chatting with some of my old friends from Sony about "the good old days." Some of us are retired, some are in private business having nothing to do with multimedia, others are working for major industry leaders in broadcast and professional video.

It was suggested that it would be neat to create a chat room or group where we could gather members of the old flock and exchange some reminiscences about those times. So I recently created a chat room on Yahoo ("Lasernerds") where we can all gather, and sent out an email to those folks we could identify and find email addresses for. Responses are starting to come in.

Here is a page with some of the advertising materials from the time.

If you were part of that effort back then and have found this page, subscribe to the Yahoo group and chime in.



One of my very favorite things. The next time you're in a newsgroup and someone asks a really basic question that they should have searched for first, you can answer: "Hey! Let me Google that for you!"

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