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Flash Clocks

Do NOT hot link to the clocks on this site! If you want to use one, download it and then put it on your server!

Please note: I did not create any of these Flash clocks! I found them all on the Internet. I placed them here for information purposes only. There's little point in writing to me about them as I have said everything I know about them here and on the individual clock pages.

I think I first saw a Flash clock around 2001 and it fascinated me. The second hand smoothly revolved around the dial just like a wristwatch. Since then I've come across many many implementations of the Flash clock. So this page is about that.

And in 2006 the number of Flash and other clocks has exploded. See the links below.

For those of you who may have struggled to get an HTML page with Flash to properly validate, view this page's source code. In Mozilla do View - Page Source. In IE it's View - Source.

Additional information can be found at This Link. This is the page I found after much searching that led me to the final solution I use on my pages where a flash object appears.

You can view all the Flash clocks on one scrollable page. Caution: This is very memory intensive!

More clock stuff:


If you want to play, here's a selection of interesting Flash clocks and watches. Some of the clocks are links to Web sites, some have alarm or timer functions.


The links below will show the clocks in default dimensions.

If you want to use these clocks on your site (or locally on your PC) you can save this Web page and modify it as needed. You'll need to remove any code that references the style sheets and other content that resides on my Web server. PLEASE do not hot-link to resources residing on MY server!

You also need to download/save the Flash file. The page and Flash file are named the same except: The Flash file itself has an extension of ".swf" and the page's extension is ".php". Right-click the corresponding link below and save the Flash file to your hard drive.

Here's the essential piece of container code to include in the HTML (or PHP) page referrencing the Flash clock. In this example the Flash file would reside in the same directory as the HTML file. If that's not the case you'll need to include the path to the Flash file in the code. Also, change the width and height values to suite your needs.

<object type="application/x-shockwave-flash"
width="350" height="350">
<param name="movie" value="NameOfFlashFile.swf" />
<param name="WMode" value="Transparent" />

This a very bare-bones example of an HTML file using the container code for the Flash clocks (Click the link to view the HTML page.). Right-click the link to save the file to your hard drive to edit and use as you wish. You will need to edit the container code to reflect the Flash file and its location on your server once you upload both files to your server.

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